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Wine is for everyone

For the love of the vine

We pride ourselves on procuring affordable and eclectic wines from around the globe. Wine should be enjoyed by everyone.

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From tastings to seminars, It’s Wine O’clock hosts and coordinates events to make wine more accessible and enjoyable. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of the vine with you.

Wine/ Private Event Consultations available by appointment.

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Bold but light, sweet, and sublime. Our mead is refreshingly different, a one-of-a-kind honey wine, and the #1 selling honey wine in the U.S. Bright and fresh, with hints of sweet citrus.


Blue Comet is packed with Simcoe and Comet hops providing a ripe, tropical fruit nose that is backed up in the taste. Complimented by a soft, biscuity, malt character. Pours

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From Vineyards to Breweries: A Flavor Odyssey

From the Vine

Wine is a way to travel to those places you dream of, to elevate your cuisine and revel in the grape’s complexity or simplicity. Wine is meant to be enjoyed and accessible to all who enjoy merriment, relaxation and cheer! Here at Its Wine O’clock we pride ourselves in procuring affordable and eclectic wines from around the globe. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of the vine with you.

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Craft Brew

Shop an expansive selection of local, domestic and international beer. We enjoy selling beers made with complex hops, fine barley and malt. The beer trail in both Massachusetts and the country is strong and continually growing through the great knowledge and craft of dedicated brewers. New England and in particular Western/ Central Massachusetts is a hot spot for great beer!

Mead the way

We have taken a great interest in procuring an extensive mead selection. What is Mead, you ask? Mead is fermented honey with water and sometimes yeast, spices, herbs and hops depending on the brewer’s recipe. Mead is an ancient libation spanning back centuries in many European cultures- particularly Northern European countries where grapevines did not flourish. Check out the most extensive selection of Mead in Western/Central Massachusetts.